For the past 50 years LA CARPIA DOMENICO SRL has been working in the fields of industrial and civil construction, the company is specialized in the production of:

  • Special foundations (especially poles of small and
    large diameter onshore and on the seabed);
  • Consolidations (micropiles and tie rods);
  • Earth-moving
  • Road paving
  • Construction, maintenance and
    restructuring of industrial buildings
  • Residential building
  • Sewers, aqueducts and pipelines
  • Design

Despite its many years in this industry, our company is still dynamic, with a keen eye on changing market conditions. It is for this reason that over the past 15 years we have tried to expand our business horizons, specializing in the fields of environment and energy.

So we also started dealing in waste treatment, activities related to site security and the development of alternative energy systems.Always standing for competence, reliability and professionalism, LA CARPIA DOMENICO SRL has collaborated with the biggest national companies in the sector, thus participating in the creation of works of industrial building of great importance.

Some of our partners include companies of the first magnitude such as FREUDENBERG POLITEX, TECHNIP ITALY, SNAMPROGETTI, ANAS, to name but a few.